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Applying Eye Liner Application - How to Apply Eye Liner

Use of eye liners means adding depth to your eyes: Depth and intensity, drama and expression come to the eyes through the clever use of definers: eyeliners, pencils and kohls. Available in rich, daddy shadedcolours, these emphasize the eyes, create new shapes and give the eyes a mysterious and exotic allure. Eye liner is used to make the eyes more prominent and create an illusion of thicker lashes. Eye lining is done with a black or brown eye liner on the top lid of each eye and sometimes under the lower lashes. Here again, practice will make you perfect.

Using the liquid liner Test, on the back of your hand, the amount of pressure you should apply. Unless you are a real artIst, it is best to steady your elbow on a flat surface. Work from the inside of the eye to the outside comer and keep the line light and even. If you stop at the comer of the eyes, the effect will be round and wide-eyed; if you continue the line and sweep it up and out, you would get a more exotic look. Finally smudge the edges with a cotton bud to soften them.

How to Apply Eye Liner

Eye liner using a few simple techniques can dramatically affect the look and shape of your eyes. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stroke, eyeliner draws attention.

When using an eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. It will make lining a lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.

Draw a thin line, try to draw as close to the base of your eyelids as possible. Start from the inside corner of your eye and work your way out. If you are not expert in drawing one long line all at once, do it in short strokes.

If you used a brush or a pencil, soften the look by gently smudging the line with your brush, a cotton swab or your finger.

Move the wet brush gently through your cake liner or dark shadow. Hold the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen.

Using an eyeliner appropriate for your eye color. Brown, navy and charcoal accent light eyes well, while brown and plum shades flatter brown eyes. Make sure your liner complements the color of your shadow.

Applying Eye Liner Application Tips

Use an eyeliner that has a mechanical, twist-up-pencil type tip. I find that these are the easiest to apply!

If you use a pencil or crayon type liner, instead of a liquid one, put the line on and use a cotton bud tip to smooth out the line. This makes it a lot easier and quicker.

Applying eyeliner half way along the bottom lash line makes your eyes look rounder and more defined. Don't worry too much about a straight neat line; simply smudge the line with a cotton bud or your finger so it's soft and natural looking.

Keep your eye slightly open. Tilt your head back and look at the mirror with both eyes open. That allows you to get very close to your eyelash line.

Do not put on mounds of eyeliner because you will look like a raccoon about three hours later.


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