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Body Care and Body Basics

As body and beauty care makes a brilliant endeavour to help beauty conscious generation of men and women to look good and feel good about one self. It gives information on the major categories of cosmetic products with emphasis on intended uses, generalities of formulations and an update on what is new.

Body Odour
f you think perspiration causes body odour, you are not wrong. But body odour is not dueto perspiration alone. Perspiration itself is essentially odourless when first secreted; the offending odour develops from the action of bacteria on the perspiration. These bacteria are present on everyone's skin and are most active in warm, moist surroundings. Hence, body odour is most likely to develop in areas of the body from which perspiration cannot evaporate easily, such as underarms.

Hair Care for Men
Hair care for men is similar to the basic hair care outlined above, e.g.,use a shampoo suitable for your air type. Men may, however, need to shampoo more frequently, even daily. If you need to shampoo every day, use a shampoo meant for dry hair.

Puffy Eyes Treatment
Puffy eyes is a very common skin or beauty problems, it can be curable. Fluids get trapped in the tissues under the eyes. Usually the eyes are puffiest when you awake. Puffy eyes can also be a sign of sinus and allergy problems. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive.

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