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Dark Skin

All dark skins are not alike. Tones range from very light to very dark, from honey to ebony, from even pigmentatIOn to uneven. And no matter what you may have heard or read, not all dark skin is oily.

So, there is no common skin care routine that is right for all dark skins. And whether your skin is dark- or light-toned, dry or oily, one tendency is universal: exposure to the sun tends to darken the skin very easilyand it often happens patchily.Socontrary to what many people believe, individuals with dark skin cannot spend time in the sun with impunity.

If you have oily skin, you absolutely don't need a moisturizer. You can hydrate mildly dry skin with an oil-free moisturizer. If your skin is so dry that it peels and flakes, giving your complexion an ashen cast, opt for a moisturizer formulated with an AHA like glycolicor lactic acid.

Dark skin tends to scar, or develop dark blemishes and marks, evenif the acne is not too severe.Becareful not to squeeze a blemish or a blackhead. You can get ugly hyperpigmentation and scarring. If you get more than an occasional pimple, consult a dermatologist. Youcan help prevent these problems by getting early treatment.

Dark skin can and does burn, and pigments very easily-there's no doubt about it. So using a sunscreen is an important part of your skin care routine. Regular use of sunscreen will make your skin at least two shades lighter, in addition to preventing it from turning blotchy.

If your skin is seriously mottled, you need to see an experienced dermatologist. If, after using various products for lightening your skin as advised by your dermatologist, your skin does not improve, then you may need to go through procedures like a superficial or medium-strength peel or microdermabrasion.

Dark Skin Care Tips

Follow the skin care routine suited to your skin type.

See a dermatologist early if you get more than the occasional pimple. Acne can leave ugly scars and blemishes if left untreated.

Wear sunscreen or sunblock daily.

Cleanse more than once a day is your skin is dry, twice a day if it's oily.

Squeeze blackheads and blemishes. You may replace the blemish with a permanent dark spot.

Tweeze hairs on your chin; it may encourage pigmentation. Go in for threading or waxing instead. The better option is to laser off excess hair.

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