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Makeup for Sensitive Skin

A sensitive skin is a thin or a fine-textured skin. It reacts quickly to both heat and cold; therefore, it sunburns and windburns easily. It is commonly dry, delicate and prone to allergic reactions. Temperature changes, some detergents, cosmetics and alcohol (used on the skin) can all cause irritation, leaving the skin red and blotchy, with visible surface veins.

Researchers have found that certain types of cosmetics are best for women with sensitive skin.

Foundation: Choose a water-based foundation over an oily foundation.

Eyeshadow: Use pure pigments in shades of light brown, with no reflective particles. So no frosted shades for those with sensitive skin.

Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners can sting as they evaporate, irritating sensitive skin. Eye pencils and crayons, or kohl sticks, are preferable.

Mascara: Blackis the least irritating of all the pigments. Avoid waterproof mascara, because you need one which can easily be washed away with soap and water. Stay away from mascara that clumps and flakes easily, because it can get into and irritate your eyes in addition to the skin.


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