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Free Makeup Tips and Advice - How to Apply Makeup

Dressing up is not just the art of applying makeup - it is much more than that. it is truly a blend of art and science, requiring a spirit of adventure, the courage of experiment, an eye for color harmony, some amount of perseverance, and the desire to look good. But since all these are present in you, just read on - follow the steps and you are sure to emerge a winner.

First of all, you must select your cosmetics - the color and form of the makeup are both very important. Then you must prepare yourself for applying the makeup. Only then should you venture to apply make-up.

How to Apply Makeup

Foundation: Choose a water-based foundation over an oily foundation.

Eyeshadow: Use pure pigments in shades of light brown, with no reflective particles. So no frosted shades for those with sensitive skin.

Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners can sting as they evaporate, irritating sensitive skin. Eye pencils and crayons, or kohl sticks, are preferable.

Mascara: Blackis the least irritating of all the pigments. Avoid waterproof mascara, because you need one which can easily be washed away with soap and water. Stay away from mascara that clumps and flakes easily, because it can get into and irritate your eyes in addition to the skin.

Make-up should be applied in the following sequence:

1. Foundation, preceded if required by under-eye concealers
2. Corrections and improvements
3. Blushers
4. Powders
5. Eye make-up
6. Lip make-up

More Makeup Tips and Advice

Apply Eyeliner
Use of eye liners means adding depth to your eyes: Depth and intensity, drama and expression come to the eyes through the clever use of definers: eyeliners, pencils and kohls. Available in rich, daddy shadedcolours, these emphasize the eyes, create new shapes and give the eyes a mysterious and exotic allure. Eye liner is used to make the eyes more prominent and create an illusion of thicker lashes. Eye lining is done with a black or brown eye liner on the top lid of each eye and sometimes under the lower lashes. Here again, practice will make you perfect.

Apply Eye Shadow
The eyeshadow you choose should flatter and enhance your eye colour and the shape of your eyes, as well as your whole appearance. The skin colour, the eye colour, and your life styleneed to be considered when choosingand using eyeshadow. Although there .are no hard and fast rules for choosing the colour of your eyeshadow it is best to find out by experiment-ing with colours. But always hannonise the colour of the eyeshadow with that of your skin and your eyes. Whatever the colour, it should be blended in well, so that there are no harsh lines. Aim always for a natural look.

Apply Foundation
Foundations are designed to give a soft, even, natural glow to the face. The best coverage comes with the use of the right colour and product type and not from the amount of foundation you apply. Get your foundation base right - in form, in colour, and in application - and you have truly laid a foundation to a dazzling look - a smooth and perfectly toned canvas on which you can create a really beautiful picture.

Apply Mascara
Mascara coats the lashes, making them thick, long, lustrous and more noticeable. Apply mascara to all of the upper lashes from one corner of the eye to the other, but sometimes this method may look too strong. An alternative and the method that we prefer is to just coat the outer two-thirds of the upper lashes. You can choose from 3 different forms of mascara - water-based, water-proof and the mixed variety.

Eyebrows Tips
How to Apply Eyebrows - Some Tips

Makeup for Sensitive Skin
A sensitive skin is a thin or a fine-textured skin. It reacts quickly to both heat and cold; therefore, it sunburns and windburns easily.

Free Makeup Tips
Get effective makeup tips and advice on how to apply makeup...

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