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Mature Skin

As we age, our skin changes. With the right care, however, mature skin can look more youthful. Also, much of the damage weassociate with aging-skin roughness, blotchiness, pigmentation, brown spots and wrinkling-is caused not by the passing of the years but by unprotected exposure to the sun. This means a lot of age-related skin damage is preventable.

As you approach mid-life, your skin care routine should centre on preventing further sun damage and replenishing moisture, which young skin has naturally. But it's also wise to rethink skin carehabits you've been following for years: you may need to replace a routine for oily skin with one for dry skin or intensify the dry skin routine you already follow.

Mature skin needs to be cleansed gently. If your formerly oily skin now feels a little dry, switch from a soap which can be harsh to a gentle soap- free cleanser formulated for dry skin. Try superfatted bars or soap-free liquid cleansers for dry skin.

Nourish mature skin with moisture. Skin produces less oil as we get older. Since oil keeps skin soft and supple, locking in your skin's moisture may be your biggest skin care challenge.

Uncover fresh skin by exfoliating, or sloughing off, dull, dead cellsfrom the surface of your skin to reveal new, fresh skin beneath. Neverexfoliate with abrasive pads or grainy cleansers. Using these products can dilate the blood vesselsin your face. Over time, these vesselswill stay dilated, giving rise to red, irritated, blotchy skin.

The best way to exfoliate mature skin is with tretinoin. However, tretinoin has to be used under the supervision of a dermatologist. This cream-based derivative of vitamin A is applied nightly for six months or more, then cut to about twice or thrice a week to maintain the cream's benefits. Many women start seeing results in aslittle as a month. If you so desire, a dermatologist can offer more rejuvenating skin treatments.


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