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Skin Care for Men

When it comes to skin care, men need to take as much care as women, particularly due to the daily use of cosmetics like shaving creams and aftershaves.

Men's skin does differ from that of women, though only subtly. Thetotal skin thickness tends to be 25 per cent thicker in men than in women. The collagen content of skin is higher in males. (Remember collagen is the fibrous substance that gives your skin body and suppleness).

Also, men seem to produce more sebum or oil,which forms a protective film on the skin's surface. So aging of the skin in men is slightly slower, as compared to that in women.

Basically, men also need to cleanse and moisturize the skin as well as use an effective sunscreen. Facials are beneficial too.

Men Skin Cleansing

For the face, use a face wash depending on your skin type. A lot of men do have dry and/or sensitive skin, in which case they may need to use 'Cetaphil', the water-soluble face wash. If you have oily skin, one of the foaming face washes is preferable.

For the body, you can use any soap provided it does not dry your skin. On the whole, body washes are recommended.

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