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Sensitive Skin Care and Tips

Those who have sensitive skin often suffer more from skin problems. Winter cold, summer heat, dry air and dust-almost anything can provoke reactions in sensitive skin. We discussed taking care of sensitive skin. Here are some further steps you can take:

Cold and dry weather dehydrate the skin. Use a humidifier to keep your skin hydrated.

Sweating it out might be good for your body temperature, but is bad for your skin. So try to keep your environment cool. Splash cool water on your face frequendy, or use awet tissue to wipe your face. Don't sit too close to a fan or air conditioner: high airflow environments can have a drying effect on skin.

Skip foundation in hot weather, because face make-up can block your pores, prevent perspiration from evaporating, thereby triggering skin breakouts.

House dust, moulds, grasses, mildew and pet dander (particles of fur) can make sensitive skin go haywire. So keep an eye out for potential trigger factors.

If the water in your neighbourhood is hard, use a water softener. Removing excess minerals from water may improve its rinsability, helping to better wash away cleanser residue that, if not rinsed off thoroughly, can irritate sensitive skin.

Change the way you wash your clothes. We often soak our clothes in soap-water for several hours. This tends to leave behind some detergent on the clothes, which cannot be rinsed offcompletely. This detergent residue can cause skin irritations when your clothes come in contact with the skin in areas like the underarms, hips and stomach.

Virtually any ingredient in a skin care product has the potential to aggravate sensitive skin. But be especially wary of some common irritants like preservatives, eg., quaternium-15, benzoic acid, parabens and sorbic acid; perfume components like benzyl alcohol; and AHAs like lactic acid. You could ask your dermatologist to perform apatch test on you for common allergens to determine which ingredientsyou arelikelyto react to.

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