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Skin Care Tips and Advice

We are begin our lives with a soft and smooth skin, but not many of us can boast of a finely textured skin by the time we are thirty. This is because most of us take our skin, the largest organ in the body, very much of granted. Remember, your skin can get tired if not looked after, and that it, like any other living tissue, really does respond to tender care and attention. if you realise how full of life your skin is and understand how it performs its various functions, skin care will become at once more logical and easilly undertaken. Understanding your skin will also enable you to make an active use of your skin in relating more positively to your environment and in communicating with your fellow human beings.

How to Cleans your skin - Skin Cleansing Tips

Wash your face in warm- not hot!-water to loosen clogged pores and stimulate blood circulation to the skin

Wet the face,then squeeze a dime-sized dab of cleanser into your palm , rub your hands together,and gently move them in circles around your face.

Rinse with cool (but not icy) water to tighten the pores.Water that is too hot or too cold can cause broken capillaries.

How To Rub your Scrub - Skin Scrubs

After you Cleanse your face, take a bit of scurb into the palm of your hand.

Wet it and lightly press the scrub into your skin .

Then massage it gently around your face with the same easy pressure you use to shave your legs.

The force of the abrasion should lie somewhere between that used to wash with a washcloth and a loofah.

Dark Skin
Dark skin tends to scar, or develop dark blemishes and marks, evenif the acne is not too severe.Becareful not to squeeze a blemish or a blackhead. You can get ugly hyperpigmentation and scarring. If you get more than an occasional pimple, consult a dermatologist. Youcan help prevent these problems by getting early treatment.

Mature Skin
Mature skin needs to be cleansed gently. If your formerly oily skin now feels a little dry, switch from a soap which can be harsh to a gentle soap- free cleanser formulated for dry skin. Try superfatted bars or soap-free liquid cleansers for dry skin.

Mens Skin Care
Men's skin does differ from that of women, though only subtly. Thetotal skin thickness tends to be 25 per cent thicker in men than in women. The collagen content of skin is higher in males. (Remember collagen is the fibrous substance that gives your skin body and suppleness.)

Sensitive Skin
Those who have sensitive skin often suffer more from skin problems. Winter cold, summer heat, dry air and dust-almost anything can provoke reactions in sensitive skin. We discussed taking care of sensitive skin.

Skin Cleansing
Just like body washes, these do not dry your skin out. Facewashes today are so well formulated that they cleanse effectivelybut keep intact your skin's natural oils. There are lots of face washes available in the market. You need to choose one that is most suitable for your skin and your pocket.

Skin Moisturizing
A good moisturizer is one which spreads easily and evenly over the surface of the skin. It should get completely absorbed and should not make you sweat too much.

Skin Peels
Skin Peels is a procedure whereby a chemical mixture is used to peel off Or removethe top, unhealthy and/or scarred layers of the skin.

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