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Skin Moisturizing Tips

The foregoing paragraphs would have given you some idea of the plethora of moisturizing products available in the market. Each brand could be selling at least five different kinds of moisturizers, each with some special ingredient! With so much to confuse a consumer, you could automatically assume that choosing a skin smoothener can be a pretty rough job.

Wrong! All it takes is understanding what formula suits your skin the best and then relaxing as the miracles happen.

Finding the right moisturizer which is best for you is a process of trial and error, and personal preference. Some women love to splurge on faI?-CY moisturizers with all the trimmings; others prefer inexpensive, get-the-job-done products. Whichever you like, the best judge of whether a moisturizer works is you.

Basically, the moisturizer you choose should make your skin feel soft and smooth, and help remove dryness or flakiness. The effect of the moisturizer should last for at least six to eight hours. A good moisturizer is one which spreads easily and evenly over the surface of the skin. It should get completely absorbed and should not make you sweat too much.

The most important factor in determining the type of moisturizer you need is your skin type. For example, if you are prone to acne, pimples, breakouts or blocked pores, then you will want to use oil- free moisturizing products. Women with these skin problems would do well with products containing AHAs. This provides a double benefit: the AHA opens pores as it sloughs off dead skin cells while it simultaneously moisturizes the skin.

It is important to use the right moisturizer. If you choose the Wrongmoisturizer, your skin can suffer more than if you select the Wrongcleanser. This is because a moisturizer sits on your skin for the longest time, giving it ample opportunity to do real damage.

Like cleansers, your choice of moisturizer may change as the seasons change. In fact, in the summer most people need a lighter moisturizer and will change back to a heavier, richer moisturizer around wintertime.

How to Moisturize your Skin - Skin Moisturizing Tips

Wash face and hands with cleanser and warm water.

Pat lightly with a towel, leaving the skin a little moist.

Dot moisturizer all over your face and blend in thoroughly. No matter what your skin type is, the best way to apply moisturizer is with your hands on slightly damp skin, because it helps lock in the water in the upper layers of the skin and sealing it on to the skin. It is much more effective this way.

Don't tug or pull your skin to let the moisturizer sink in. Try a lighter formulation instead if you feel your current product is too thick.

If your skin is slightly oily,you may need to apply moisturizer only once a day; but those with drier skin may need to reapply moisturizer several times throughout the day.

Don't neglect your neck. Always moisturize your neck along with your face. The neck is extremely vulnerable to lines and sagging, because the skin there contains fewer oil glands than the skin on your face, making it drier and more prone to wrinkling.

For best results, all moisturizers should be applied on moist or damp skin immediately after washing.


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